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Uncle Murda Apologizes to Will Smith for "Rap Up" Diss After Chris Rock Slapping Incident

Uncle Murda once targeted some of the industry's biggest stars with his annual "Rap Up" diss at the end of 2021, spitting venomous verses against Lil Nas X, Tyler, the Creator, and even Will Smith.

“Jada out here still makin’ Will look stupid,” he rapped. “She said when he fuck her she don’t like the way that he do it (aww)/I’m like, damn, he probably don’t get her wet/He be turnin’ her off with all that throwin’ up after sex/Still got the nerve to show their sex tape to his grandmother/I get it, I see why she let August Alsina fuck her/Either way she got Will Smith lookin’ like a sucker/ He should leave her like DaBaby left his baby mother.”

Murda, however, apologized to Will Smith after his viral assault on Chris Rock during Sunday night's (March 27) Oscars ceremony.

“Somebody let @willsmith know I’m sorry for what I said in the Rap Up,” Murda wrote on Instagram alongside a clip of the notorious slap. “dam it’s looking like I can’t retire the Rap Up.”

Uncle Murda rescinding his "Rap Up" lyrics is the latest response the Hip Hop world has had following Smith's slap on Chris Rock, which came after Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's bald head. On Monday (March 28), Lil Nas X, another victim of Murda's "Rap Up," shared his own thoughts on the vicious exchange.

“Just a reminder that if Will Smith had built a time machine and went back in time and slapped harriet tubman as a baby for a joke she made (however insensitive), she easily could’ve fallen backward, cracked her skull and never freed slaves,” Lil Nas X wrote on Twitter. “Violence is NEVER okay.”

Check out "Rap Up 2021" below.

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