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Wack 100 Says 2pac 'Died a Legend', but Biggie Did Not

On The Game's Drink Champs interview with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, the veteran music manager made a special guest appearance and said 2Pac was a "legend" when he died in September 1996, but his bitter rival The Notorious B.I.G. - who was killed six months later - wasn't.

“2Pac died a legend; Biggie didn’t,” Wack declared. “His body of work, movies, double CDs, albums that went quadruple [platinum]. Biggie was dead before his [second] album came out. He became [a legend after he passed away]. Over the years muthafuckas remade songs, movies — he became that.”

Wack 100 also said that Nipsey Hussle would go down as a legend after his death, saying, "I think Nipsey will become a legend.". It still hasn’t happened. Movies gotta happen, shit gotta happen. He’s only been gone, what, two years?”

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