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Wack 100 Says The Game is Readying Eminem Diss Song: ‘The Black Slim Shady Is Coming’

The Game is ready to start a “fire,” at least according to his manager Wack100.

During a recent Clubhouse session, Wack claimed that Game’s next single throws some serious shots at Eminem.

“We startin’ a fire, the Black Slim Shady is coming,” Wack said in the clip above. “That n***a better be ready, because this n***a done went crazy.”

After being asked if he was coming for Eminem, Wack confirmed that Game is “coming like a motherfucker,” and that if Em responded to Machine Gun Kelly and Nick Cannon, this one is likely going to deserve a response, too. While he alluded to it all being friendly competition, Wack knows that a Game and Em match-up would be “disrespectful,” given Em’s history rapping about his own mother.

“He disrespect his own mama, my n***a, shit. He disrespect himself… This n***a talk about killing his baby mama, putting her in the trunk,” Wack said. “… When you get in that arena with that n***a, ain’t no boundaries with this n***a, man. He ain’t got no boundaries with himself.”

Wack added that both Em and Game are “crafty,” but Shady “better be ready” for what’s to come.

Of course, this is not the first time Wack has discussed Em and Game going toe-to-toe, as he previously debated with Benzino on the topic, and even spoke of the potential diss in conversation with Em’s rival. It’s also not the first time he’s made comments about his clients and affiliates that have garnered attention, as he doubled down on his claims that Kanye West returned a Ray-J sex tape to Kim Kardashian months back, during an interview with Hollywood Unlocked in March.

“Kanye’s a gentleman, not tripping,” he said. “He’s very serious and straight-forward. Ye went and delivered it to [Kim], and I told Ray, I said ‘When he takes that to them, once they get it, they gonna feel like, well they don’t have it anymore so we gon’ say it doesn’t exist.’ They probably was gauging my relationship with Kanye, like no way he’s gonna turn it over and have a copy, which they right. Because that wasn’t what that was about.”


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