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'Walking Dead' Actor Moses J. Moseley Cause of Death 'Could Not Be Determined'

An investigation into the shooting death of 'Walking Dead' actor Moses J. Moseley could not determine whether the fatal shot was intentional.

The cause of Moses' death, according to his death certificate, could not be determined.

TMZ broke the story ... Police in Georgia began investigating Moses' death as a suicide after his body was discovered in his car back in January. His family thought there was something fishy about his death, theorizing he may have been kidnapped and murdered.

According to Moses' death certificate, he shot himself. However, the doc also indicates that he did not intend to shoot himself.

Teerea Kimbro, Moses' sister, says that the family received a letter of condolences from President Joe Biden this week.

Teerea isn't sure how POTUS heard about Moses' death, but she believes her late brother may have visited The White House before.

Moses' family still believes that he was murdered, despite the findings on his death certificate.


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