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Young Dolph Memorial to Be Removed Due to Safety Concerns

Young Dolph's memorial has been taken down from Makeda's Homemade Butter Cookies, the local Memphis bakery where the 36-year-old rapper was tragically killed last November.

ABC Memphis reports that Makeda's owner Pamela Hill has decided not to reopen the store due to safety concerns. The owner of the bakery wants the memorial removed from the building.

The Paper Route Empire label plans to create a memorial in Memphis' Castalia Heights neighborhood, a member of the label told the station.

“I understand you have to lease it out and run a business,” community activist Frank Gotti told ABC24. “I understand it. It’s his building and nobody can argue with him on that. I appreciate him for keeping it up this long.”

This news comes just over a week after Jeremiah Taylor, one of the men who helped maintain the memorial, was shot and killed in the same spot.


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